Our Process

It all begins with a conversation.

Whether by phone, via Zoom or in person, determining your estate planning needs require a personal assessment. A discussion, to determine the best way to accomplish your estate planning goals.

A valid question.  Our first step in determining fees is to discuss exactly what your needs are.  Some clients may require a more complicated estate planning approach, but often they actually need less than they think.  But it’s something we won’t know until we take a “look under the hood.”  We do not oversell and will only recommend what is necessary.  While trusts are more commonplace these days, not everyone needs one.  Most estate plans are done on a flat fee basis, with all costs and expenses disclosed in advance.

Yes. There is no fee for an initial estate planning consultation and it usually takes approximately 30 minutes, but may last longer.  We do require that both spouses (or partners) participate in the initial meeting and continue to stay involved throughout the process.  

There is no obligation to retain our services.  Before hiring any attorney, we encourage you to do your research.  Find out their experience and training in estate planning.  Look at reviews and ratings.  Meet with them to see if their style and chemistry are right for you.

Once the planning meeting has been completed your documents are drafted and ready for your review within a couple of weeks.  If circumstances require a shorter timeframe, we can usually accommodate.

Yes.  Our process includes a delivery meeting where the attorney provides you with a “walking tour” of the documents.  This is usually done via Zoom. You are encouraged to review drafts of all documents at home before coming to the office to sign.

In theory, electronic signatures are valid in Florida for wills and trusts.  However, no known vendor can comply with Florida Statutory requirements.  We can provide mobile notary services for those who are unable to or are uncomfortable with an office visit.  A professional notary and witnesses can come to your home to supervise the proper execution of the documents. During most of 2020 this was the only way documents were executed.

Yes.  All typical planning documents are subject to revision or modification.  But you cannot do this without the advice and supervision of an attorney.  Any marks, cross-outs, or revisions made to executed documents may void the documents.

  • Initial Meeting (in person, by phone, or via Zoom)
    • Free of charge or obligation
    • Usually lasts about 30 minutes, but may run longer
    • Both spouses or partners must attend or be on the call
    • Discussion about your situation and estate planning goals and presentation of choices available to accomplish your goals.  A flat fee is quoted based on what we determine needs to be done.
  • Planning Meeting
    • Usually between 45 minutes (for will-centered plans) to 3 hours (for trust-centered planning) to discuss the design of the will or trust.  
    • Additional documents included with a will or trust include:
      • Health Care Power of Attorney
      • Durable Power of Attorney
      • Living Will
      • HIPAA Release
      • Babysitter instructions
    • Payment for a will-centered plan is due at the time of planning.  For a trust-centered plan, one half of planning fee due at this point; balance due when documents are delivered for review
  • Review of drafted documents
    • Typically done via Zoom, with copies provided for you to review at home
  • In office meeting to execute (sign) documents (At home notarization is also available for an additional fee)
  • Subsequent funding meeting for trust-centered plans to assist in re-titling assets into the trust as appropriate