Wills and Living Trusts

Where appropriate a will can address all planning needs for asset transfer following death.  In many cases, a well thought out estate plan using a Living Trust can provide for your loved ones, protect them from creditors or mismanagement, and avoid the expense, time, and loss of privacy resulting from Probate Administration.

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Powers of Attorney & Advance Health Directives

A comprehensive estate plan must address disability planning. If you are unable to manage your financial or healthcare decisions, who will? With what instructions? Advance legal and health directives are tools to address these important concerns.

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Probate Administration & Trust Settlement

Whether administering a probate or settling a trust, your personal representative or successor trustee will be in charge of collecting assets, identifying and paying debts and taxes, and making distributions of property according to your instructions. Your chosen fiduciaries need competent and comprehensive guidance through the process.

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Special Needs

We can help you establish a special needs trust so that eligibility for governmental benefits is preserved while at the same time providing assets to these special needs beneficiaries to supplement their lives.

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Estate Planning

Iden Law Offices provides practical, efficient and creative solutions to address our clients’ legal needs which can be confusing and intimidating.  Our role is to help clients understand complex legal principles and issues so they can make the best choices for their particular needs.

We strive to develop a relationship with our clients and their families.  Most of our work comes from client referrals.  The relaxed and informal atmosphere is a reflection of our ethos:  excellence without arrogance.

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