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Miramar, FL Estate Planning

All of us at Iden Law Offices are committed to keeping ourselves and our clients healthy and safe. Although we are unable to schedule in-person meetings under current Florida Bar rules, we can still accept new clients. All appointments are now via phone or video conferences.

The procedure for executing legal documents before witnesses and a notary is a bit more challenging but we have initiated a system that allows us to execute legal documents while maintaining social distancing. This new process has been working well for our clients.

Be safe. Be smart. Be kind.

Sunrise, FL Estate Planning

Iden Law Offices provides practical, efficient and creative solutions to address our clients' legal needs. Legal matters can be confusing and intimidating for our clients. Our role at Iden Law Offices is to help our clients understand complex legal principles and issues so that they can make the best choices for their particular needs.

At Iden Law Offices we strive to develop a relationship with our clients which extends well beyond the particular legal matter at hand. Most of our work comes from long term clients and their referrals. The relaxed and informal office atmosphere is a reflection of the ethos of our attorneys and staff: excellence without arrogance.

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