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Most people are interested in reducing probate costs and estate taxes, but the greatest concern of most clients is how best to avoid burdening their loved ones, to provide for their loved ones' needs, and to pass along the wisdom they have acquired in life.  We frequently have new clients who have a will and/or trust document, but they have no idea what it says or how it works.  Regardless how complex your situation or planning needs, at Iden Law Offices, our focus is on making sure you understand your choices and crafting the best plan for your needs with documents written in plain English.  Only then can you truly achieve peace of mind.

People often don't consider disability with regard to their estate plans, but it is important to plan for the care of you and your loved ones should you become mentally disabled.  Without a trust designating someone to handle your affairs and powers of attorney in place, a guardian must be appointed in a legal proceeding that could be lengthy, costly, and publicly embarrassing.  With proper planning, however, you can control who handles your financial and legal affairs, designate who will make health decisions for you and who will care for your children.  In addition, you can give these designees an "instruction manual" on how you want them to fulfill their responsibilities

If you are in a long term relationship that does not include marriage, you need to take particular care to create an estate plan or your loved one could be left out of the decision-making process regarding your care in disability in addition to the benefits of your estate.  If you should die without a will or trust, the government will impose a statutory order, called intestate succession, for the orderly distribution of your estate to blood relatives.  At Iden Law Offices, we are sensitive to the unique needs of our unmarried clients with life partners and would like to help you attain peace of mind knowing that your loved one will be able to be there for you in sickness and to receive the benefits of your love after your death.

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