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Maintenance Program

Once you have completed your estate plan, you will have invested significant time and effort to ensure that your loved ones will be provided for according to your wishes.  How can you be assured that your plan will actually work when it is needed?  The answer is maintenance.  For the same reasons that you must provide ongoing maintenance to your family’s car to ensure safe, efficient, and long term performance, you must also provide regular maintenance and attention to your family’s estate plan. 

Our Fiscal FitnessTM Maintenance Program can help you do just that.  Participants in our Fiscal FitnessTM Maintenance Program receive the following benefits at no additional cost:

  • Reasonable telephone consultations with you or your advisors regarding your estate plans.
  • One estate plan review meeting within the four years to be sure your plan continues to meet your needs. 
  • Emergency card which provides 24/7 availability of your healthcare documents. 
  • Assistance with funding of newly acquired assets.
  • 50% discount on advanced medical directives for each of  your  adult children living in Florida. 
  • Updates to your documents to comply with changes in the law. 
  • A 20% discount on the standard fee for trust or probate settlement services if, at the time of settlement,  you are enrolled in  Fiscal Fitness and we accept the representation. 
  • Minor amendments to your legal instruments, such as word processing changes and updates to trustee and agent designations.

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