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Parents may be surprised and dismayed to find that they are not entitled to access to medical information and are not authorized to participate in important decisions regarding their adult children's healthcare at times of crisis. Why? Although they may still be students, in the eyes of the law they are adults. As adults, their parents have no automatic standing to know or do anything. Most kids, whether away at college or newly working, haven't executed advance directives.

How can you avoid this terrible situation? It's simple. Complete a College Kit with advanced directives before your kids leave home. At Iden Law Offices, we will help you prepare all of the necessary documents that can authorize you, as a parent, to know what's happening, and make sure your adult children have an Emergency Medical Information Card to keep in their wallets that will make immediate access to those documents available to medical facilities anywhere in the world, 24/7. Then you can rest a bit easier when your kids leave the nest.

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